Crazy Native Frequently Asked Questions:
We get lots of the same questions from different folks so, we've implemented our FAQ Page and this page will grow over time to better answer any common questions you may have.  If you don't see your question and answer here, please drop us an e-mail or call us at 770-489-2213.
Q1... We would like to order custom printed t-shirts, do you offer printed samples? 
We are happy to provide printed samples prior to production runs as long as the client agrees  to the extra expenses of setting up art / screens / and sample shirts.  *Most cases the client agrees to pay for the design time, screen costs plus apparel cost and understand that printed samples can not be combined with 'special offers'.
“Yes," but there are many limitations.  Because toddler shirts are so much smaller than adult shirts, in order to screen print a toddler shirt we would have to do 2 separate sets of screens and art, ergo adding considerable expense to an order.  To offer toddler shirts with an order the least expensive option we have is Industrial Heat Transfers starting at $25.00 each plus the cost of the garment.
Q2… Can I get 1 or 2 Toddler Shirt with Our Order?
Q3...  I just had shirts screen printed, Can I reorder 3 or 4 shirts?
It's hard to grow a business telling clients 'no', so instead what we'll say is YES, however you will need to understand that "We have a strict 12 piece minimum."  If you only *re-order 3 or 4 shirts, the cost is the exact same as if you ordered 12 shirts, so we encourage you to take the dozen and keep in mind *re set up fees may apply.
Q4...   How does the 2 week turn around time work?
Many people think that our turn around time starts when they call us for a quote and unfortunately that's simply not the case.  Normal turn around starts once you have an order on file.  I.E. once you have your deposit on file your order can begin,  Unless other arrangements are made prior to making your order.
Q4...    How does Crazy Native Graphic Arts bill for Logo Design/Custom Artwork?
Custom Artwork is a finicky business.  We mainly bill by the hour and half hour.  We offer Custom Logo Design packages starting at $195, $350.00 and $495.00.  With Regards to custom artwork for t-shirts, our designs start at a half hour minimum for $35.00.  *** Depending on your exact needs the art prices will vary.
Q5...    Do you offer Expedited / RUSH services?
We can work with just about any turn around tiime you may need, rarely same day service though, but its been known to happen.  Please know that 2-3 day turn around incur significant surcharges to accomodate the expedited shipping and overtime labor. 2-3 day Turn around times are on average double normal cost. If you can allow more time it will only save you money.